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Free Shipping for orders of $70 or more!
Free Shipping for orders of $70 or more!


  • AJ Tack Sidewinder Bumper Spur

    Sidewinder Bumper Spur

    from $35.99
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    Set of steel sidewinder bumper spurs in antique brown color. Very gentle, easy on and off.

  • AJ Tack English Bumper Spurs

    English Bumper Spurs

    AJ Tack more options

    Stainless steel slip on bumper spurs. Mens size. 3" opening, 3" deep. Womens size. 2 1/2" opening, 3" deep.    

  • AJ Tack Stainless Steel Bumper Spurs - Youth

    Set of humane sidewinder bumper spurs. Gentle on horse, easy on and off. Youth size, 2 7⁄8" opening, 2 7⁄8" deep. Band: 3⁄4" stainless steel