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Free Shipping for orders of $70 or more!

Animal Care


  • AJ Tack Cowboy Cutting Antique Brown Hoof Pick

    Antique Brown Hoof Pick

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    Antique brown color hoof pick made from solid steel with a hole at the end for hanging on a hook.

  • AJ Tack Fly Mask with Ears

    Fly Mask with Ears

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    Deluxe horse fly mask with ears, protect your horse from harmful insect bites and infections. Made with heavy duty PVC coated mesh, soft mesh for e...

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  • Nu-Stock - 12oz.

    Nu-Stock - 12oz.

    Riggin’s All Purpose

    Effective on all skin disorders, deep wounds, cuts and eliminates certain growths on animals. Stops itching immediately and promotes fastest hair g...

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  • Hoof-Heal - 16oz.

    Hoof-Heal - 16oz.


    Nourishing Hoof Dressing Hoof-Heal’s award-winning hoof dressing helps prevent dry and brittle hooves and encourages healthy hoof growth. Hoof-Hea...

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  • DMSO Liquid - 16 OZ bottle

    DMSO Liquid - 16 OZ


    DMSO Liquid Solution for Pets is used to reduce joint inflammation and swelling in dogs and horses. It works for pets with injuries and those with...

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